Saturday, January 14, 2006

Finally... a reason to pass

I like the idea of a strong pass. This comes from tonight's lesson in BIL. Susan Doty did a class on what happens over x and xx. So, over a xx if your rho bids, they're just picking a suit. There are no points left for them. If you pass, it's not weak, it's strong. If you were weak you'd find a bid and say, hurry and pick one of my suits, I opened min and I don't want to defend! Pass is stronger. I like this strong pass thing. It's like over 2c where 2c-2whathaveyou-p is stronger than 2c-2whathaveyou-x. Strong passes are the most fun.

I should point out, to avoid future confusion (most likely my own) that after a redouble and a bid from rho passing isn't the only way to show strength. Don't pass only because your hand is good.


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