Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Right Through The Pack

I borrowed Right Through The Pack from the local library, and I think I'll have to buy it. It's one of those books I want to reread as I improve. It is a bit above my head, but I have some strategies for handling that. The most important of which is that I'm not reading the book like a novel. Instead I read a chapter at a time. This let's me really digest what that chapter was about.

I started out saying someone should right a book from the pov of the 2 of spades. So, did I enjoy that chapter? Yes, one of my favorites. My very favorite was the Ten of Diamonds's story of how a smart player threw away an ace. He started with


He had some clubs in the dummy he couldn't cash. So, by throwing away the ace, he didn't so much make an entry as force the opps to lead the red suits for him.

Something that came up at the table that I should have known recently was this:
KT9x - I lead x in nt. When I lead again, I must lead the T not the 9.


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