Sunday, January 22, 2006

The blind leading the lame, or is it the lame leading the blind? Anyway...

My friend Prim let me talk him into trying bridge base. He played socially in college, but hasn't played for a few years. So, I've fallen into the role of explaining conventions and treatments that he's forgotten or that have evolved or come into fashion since he played. All I can think is Poor Prim. I don't feel particularly qualified, but I think while it may not do Primus much good, it's forcing me to clearly think about what means what. I'm thrilled that I converted him back into the fold. And he agrees, that bbo is light years from Yahoo.

Today I played in the BIL play with a star tourney. I got to play with Ritong. Not only is he a great player, he's absolutely charming. What a lovely man. We played in 2s making 5. Opps made some mistakes, and he capitalized on them so smoothly, it was fun to watch.


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