Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Turns out there's more to it

Things I didn't know about Italian Cues:
NT shows a second control in the suit just bid ie:

1h-p-3h-p-3s-3n (shows a spade control)

If a suit is skipped next suit bid shows the skipped suit

1h-3h-4c-4d (4d shows a spade control)

After two cues at the four level you cannot use bw

1h-p-3h-4c-4d-4n (shows a d control)

Over splinters a cue of splinter suit shows only a first round control


Blogger MickyB said...

I've only heard of the middle of these three before, I can't be certain (Italian cues are still rare in the UK) but I think you have picked up someone's pet methods.

I play 1H:3H, 3S:3N as showing poor trumps. Having it as showing good trumps is fine too, but as we play Frivolous 3NT on other auctions I thought this would reduce the chance of a mix-up - either way, it is showing the worse of the two possible handtypes. (I think it only makes sense to use serious/frivolous 3NT when neither hand is limited, in this case opener knows whether he has slam interest or not)

1H:3H, 4C:4H is a sign-off denying a spade control, so 1H:3H, 4C:4D shows a spade control and invites opener to go on. Some may play that it denies a diamond control, otherwise they would bid past 4H immediately.

1H:3H, 4C:4D, 4N is definitely keycard for me. If you want to sort out the diamond control somehow, it would seem better to have 1H:3H, 4C:4D, 4S asking for one.

Anyone know if there is a standard for all of these sequences?

2:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with Mike, I very much doubt this is standard, apart from the second example, which holds by pure logic. (4D must imply slam is still possible; since 4C has denied a spade control, the 4D MUST have a spade control.)

Actually, I would have thought RKCB is essential when playing Italian cues, since often it's the only way to find out whether you are off two aces from the top.

May I humbly repeat my suggestion that you read Fred's excellent articles on improving 2/1 that also talk about Italian cue-bidding in the context of major suit fits :)

(I suspect many have read and been influenced by these articles, even though some suggestions are probably not the expert majority choice; e.g. Fred himself seems to have changed his opinion on cues at the 5-level.)


10:39 AM  
Blogger BadMonster said...

Thanks Mike and Arend. I was telling Mike that it was a relief to be able to again include rkc. whew. I'm reading [URL=http://www.imp-bridge.nl/articles/2over1.htm]Improving 2/1[/URL] right now. I have it open in another window. Thanks again.

10:54 AM  

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