Thursday, April 13, 2006

Yesterday this excited me.

A jump shift when p opens is different depending on whether you're a passed hand. Go figure! So, what does it show? Maxish pass and support. Wow. I had no idea.

Today's debacle went like this...
I hold Axx of h. Declarer plays singleton h from dummy and I play low. And never take my ace. I'm going to bed with honors too often. I need to rethink something.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is an agreement you can have, it is not a law or somthing that follows logically.

You may very well decide to play your jump shifts just like how you were playing them by an unpassed hand. Of course, some meanings are impossible. For instance, a strong jump shift by a passed hand.

Any jump shift by a passed hand that shows a long single suit seems less useful, because in many cases you would have preempted already. The support jump shift by a passed hand is a good idea (imo) but certainly not the only possibility.

5:22 PM  

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