Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Card play

Edited For Clarity I Hope

Let's say that you can count the hand, maybe slowly but let's say you can do it.
Now let's say you're south declaring and your holding looks like this:


Also you have worked out (cause you can count) that the AJX are over on your right. If Let's say the suit in question is spades. Let's also say that your only losers are in spades. Before you give up the spade trick (that you must lose) you run off the other suits. Now, let's say you did not play your winners in the outside suits first. You play your king they take their ace and play your side suit. Then you have not excecuted a strip endplay. They don't have to exit the suit you want. But if you take your side suits first, voiding yourself so if they play that suit they give you a ruff, they have to play the suit you want or give you a ruff and sluff. And that is a strip endplay. Wheeee!

Some other interesting facts about cardplay... usually if the opps have bid a suit, especially preempted in a suit or shown length and they don't lead their suit, they are often leading their singleton. If they don't lead their singleton it increases (not guarantees) that if the trumps split badly the other defender has the length in the trumps.


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