Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Well, the other night, I trumped p's winning trick. I have no idea why. He asked if I really wanted to be on lead. That's as good an excuse as any.

Other fugue moments recently include brilliant plays like Leading the ace when declarer and p are both out of a suit. If p wants to over ruff he'll over ruff. Meanwhile why set up dummy's suit. Of course, if I lead low, then declarer needn't ruff... but unless p wanted to play a forcing game, and I was unaware maybe it doesn't matter.

I had 47 thousands hearts, dummy had 47thousand hearts to the AkqjAqk. In Nt. No outside entries. I... um... lead a heart. I didn't occurr to me that no one else had them. Perhaps if I'd counted.

Why am I telling the world I'm an idiot? Maybe writing it down will trigger a long term memory and next time I'll remember to count hearts, not beat p's tricks etc. Course maybe not. See post below.


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