Saturday, February 11, 2006

Warning crackpot leftist rant to follow (VMISFWAMB)

One of the best things about BBO is the great people that I meet. Take Justin Lall. What a nice young man. He’s articulate and polite, very accessible and of course, a great bridge player. He’s answered questions for me, including personal questions, like what he thinks of Ghestem. I’ve watched him play, often with others from the US Jr. Team. I played against him in a team match, his team largely made up of the US Jr. Team; they creamed us, but what a thrill. But there is one thing about the young men that troubles me… none of them are girls. (Certainly not their fault.) Where are the great American players under the age of twenty-five without a Y chromosome? I blame the media.
The American media paints us in a troubling light. The world often sees us as a society of vapid materialistic indiscriminate sex fiends who are morally bankrupt, which is sad, but sadder if we see ourselves that way. Granted, there is progress since the days when the prevalent view accepted that women were less intelligent and less capable then men. I would guess that few men believe that, or at least would admit to holding that opinion. But while we agree that women are smart and capable, are we telling young women that intellect is as important as popularity and sex appeal? If we were, would more young women play bridge?


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