Monday, February 27, 2006

I wanted to say, but then I forgot.

Seems like everyday I pick up some grain of information. And wait to blog, because it's just a thought, or an idea or a concept. And then I promptly forget what it was till it comes up again.

So, here's some things I'm noting before I forget:

1W-x-p-1Z-p-2Z. 2Z is a strong raise. I don't know how it happens but really basic things get lost in the shuffle of the whole learning process.

Western Cue: If they bid one suit, and you cue, you're asking. If they bid two and you cue you're showing.

kqt is a great holding to lead from, and you generally should.

I need to do a lot more reading.

None of the good strong club systems have cool names. The obvious answer is to just rename the best one to something cooler. I vote for Thud.

Over an x on the 1 levl (p opens they x) a new suit even at the two level denies 10 and promises a playable suit.

When playing in a misfit better to play from the weak hand for transportation.


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