Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Over !nt

I've been learning garbage stayman, serious 3nt (over 1nt auctions though I understand that you can use them once you have a trump agreement as well) smolen and four way transfers. I like this four way stuff. It means there is an extra step to get to an invitaional 2nt bid, but it's worth the trip.

I'm loving this garbage stayman. Good stuff there. Easy. 2h shows both majors and no reason to go on. P corrects to 2s when they have three of them.

The balanced slam tries are nice. But less intuitve I guess. Very different concept in hearts than spades. In spades responder bids 3h and 3s is getting out of the way. They can bid serious 3n. They can cue. But the 1nt opener can show a control rich hand by stepping up and bidding the serious 3n themself. Nice.

You don't have that option in hearts where responders 3s can be a balanced slam try or a splinter and 3n is waiting to find out what's what.


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