Monday, February 06, 2006

Playing live with a partner with no pants

When I started playing bridge in May, I thought I'd never play live. I remember when I played in 1997 that almost every trip to the club involved tears. I have no idea why I decided to try again, but I remembered that the Culbertson was always nice. I liked the people there. They didn't serve a big fancy dinner, and they weren't in a big fancy space, but it was nice there. So, I decided to see.

Anne, the owner, really went out of her way to find me someone wonderful to play with. And the club has moved to an art club. It's very pretty and they have a fancy dinner available. Check it out.

None of the horrible things I envisioned came to pass. I didn't revoke, or bid out of turn. No one cried. No one called the director. And, I had a very nice time.

Ok, the pants. And how odd that pants figured prominently in my entries the last couple of days. First Larry's now Erics. What can it mean? I arrived. I was asked to check my coat. I went downstairs. Anne was busy getting lunch sorted, when I introduced myself. She paused to tell me my partner was already there. She said something like, "What was he wearing? Is he wearing pants today? Oh, no he's not." And I thought, "Oh My!" And I thought, "When I used to play everyone wore pants." Then I thought, "I've taken off my coat, but that's where I draw the line."

Eric, was a charming man, who went out of his way to make me feel comfortable. He's also a very good player. He also has a nice sense of humor. In spite of a couple of bad boards we came in third. Our worst hand follows:
Opps opened 1s, Eric bid 1nt, pass to me. I had six points, the Ax of hearts, and Q seven in clubs. With some other junk thrown in in spades and diamonds. I bid 2s, lho x'd. Eric duitifully bid 2c, and rho bid 3h, p-p- to Eric, who x'd. And I did not bid 4c. And they did make 5h. And it was not a good board. After, I asked Eric, would you have been horrified if I'd bid four clubs? Turns out he was a little perplexed that I failed to. Funny thing is, I'd decided to, but when I reached into the bidding box, all I came out with was a pass.

Oh yeah, so you don't get the wrong idea about the Culbertson, he was wearing shorts. There was no disrobing or odd nudity at the Culbertson today.


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