Friday, May 26, 2006

Three Kings

I was speaking with Bob about 2h supernegative. I'd been debating with another beginner about whether 2 Diamonds shows a hand that is bad but not bust. (My feeling is that it doesn't imply anything negative, only that you have a hand without a suit good enough to justify getting in the 2 clubs opener's way. ) Eventually the conversation turned to the cost of bidding a suit without compelling reason. For one thing.. you wouldn't want to bid 2n unless you were sure you'd play in hearts, or at least, not in nt. Right? But Bob mentioned that the two nt bid for hearts is one of the things he most dislikes about the 2h neg. He said... and this is the interesting part... if you have three kings you want to be the declarer in nt. And how do you make that happen if 2n is hearts.

But can we extrapolate? If we have three kings do we usually want to declare period?


Blogger MickyB said...

I think the situation that Bob is worrying about will matter very infrequently. Firstly, you need to be dealt three kings opposite a 2C opener. That's not common. Secondly, it needs to be right to play in NT. Thirdly, partner needs to get NT in before you. Fourthly, it needs to make a difference. Often right-siding won't matter at all - that's most of the time that partner has an honour in all three suits. Sometimes just keeping the majority of the HCP hidden from the defenders will cause them to make a mistake. Sometimes your stop will be Kxx opposite Qx, in which case you want the hand with Qx declaring.

I think it is fairly infrequent that the weak hand will know that it wants to declare, so I don't like 2NT as natural. Never bidding 2NT because you are worried about wrong-siding seems like overkill - you don't have much space to find the right contract as it is. I think 2N as hearts, 2H double negative is a very good method considering how little work it requires.

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Blogger BadMonster said...

My feeling about which is best 2h or lowest three level is...whichever floats p's boat. Perhaps in time I'll have a more informed opinion...

Here though, I really thought he meant that if there are three kings in the weak hand that you'd want to wrongside. So they're leading into your kings not through. Did I misunderstand? If 2nt is a heart bid it's almost impossible to get the weak hand on declarer in NT. I think that's what he meant.

10:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with Mike.

Some comment about language:

The word "rightsiding" means: playing it from the right side. It doesn't mean: playing it from the strong side.

It seems that you are confusing these two meanings.


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Blogger the keylime said...

I like controls myself.

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Anonymous rq4 said...

Is it alertable?

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Blogger BadMonster said...


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