Monday, January 30, 2006

this is so basic

With 4/5 5/5 or I suppose even 4/4 in the minors with no fcM when responder bids 1M do not bid 1nt. Should open a d rebid 2c.

If the auction goes 1m-p-!s-p-1nt-p-2h pass or bid 2s. It's just preference. Neither forcing nor invitational.

Next monday I'm venturing out into the world to play at the Culbertson Club in Manhattan. I'm terrified about revoking, misbidding or missing an alert. Scary.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I disagree with some of what you say. In general, bridge is not a game of fixed rules, every hand is different. If you get taught a new rule then you might do better in the beginner, but it will slow you down in the long run because you have to rid yourself of the rule.

Here are some example hands:

xx xxx AKJx KQxx.

OK, even though all of my points are in the minors, I would open 1D and rebid 1NT. Some would open 1C and rebid 1NT. Others would open 1NT (weak). The important part is to show a balanced hand with 12-14 points.

Kx AQ Jxxxx Kxxx.

Usually I open 1D and rebid 2C with this shape, but here I would rebid 1NT. This really doesn't look like a minor 2-suiter.

x KQx xxxx AKJ10x.

Opening 1D on this hand is a serious crime in my opinion. This hand is all about clubs. What to rebid over 1C-1S is a better question, some would bid 1NT, others bid 2C. Even those that frequently open 1D with 4-5 in the minors (I'm not one of those people) would not open 1D here.

You are right that with 5-5 in the minors you should open 1D and rebid 2C, I can't think of an example where I wouldn't. You are also right that 1m-1S-1NT-2H is pass or correct, but this does not follow from bridge logic, it is a common agreement.

Good luck at the bridge club, I think that you will enjoy it. There are many friendly and interesting people out there, don't let those few people who are not discourage you.


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